Tsakiris Naxos & Nevrokopi

Tsakiris Naxos and Nevrokopi is a series of high quality potato chips from two iconic potato producing places in Greece, the island of Naxos and the northern village of Nevrokopi. Made from 100% natural potatoes, the two products stand up to their fame of being outstandingly tasty and -of course- crunchy!

Client: Tsakiris Chips
Agency: 4 Wise Monkeys
What We Did: Package design

We designed the series aiming for a natural look & feel, at the same time pointing out the origin of the potatoes, almost like creating a tribute to the simplicity and down-to-earth beauty of the two regions. Naxos, with its clear blue skies and its iconic windmills, and Nevrokopi, green, mountainous and misty, provided the inspiration. The design is kept minimal and simple, letting the photography narrate the story. The typography emphasizes on the place of origin and the natural ingredients of the product.