Into politics, yet not ashamed

Just two days before the elections of September 2015, Ypogeia Revmata and Themos Skandamis are taking the stage for a 'Concert Statement'.

Client: Good Heart Productions, Ypogeia Revmata
What We Did: Poster Design

Influenced by the pre-election craze, we designed the poster for 'Politevesai ma den drepesai' (roughly translated as: 'Into politics, yet not ashamed') live event, aiming to strengthen the band's message, as it is well-described in the concert's description: 'Pre-election statements and more! Celebratory atmosphere, bring plastic flags and we shall not forget you when Monday comes!'. Thus, the design is characterized by an intensely ironic mood and a good amount of reaction against politicians' false promises.

Listen to the title track here.