Gastronomy Days 2013

Gastronomy Days - Name of origin Greek is an ambitious project aiming to present the range of Greek gastronomy, with all its characteristic prestige, expertise, diversity and freshness.

Client: Reason To
What We Did: Poster / Key Visual Design

The design combines traditional and modern elements through abstraction and symbolism, aiming to consumer relevance.

In the key visual's design, the seed plays an important part symbolising the primary sector. It is visualised in an abstract way, through the use of a diverse range of shapes and colours. The variety of natural products is also represented by these elements. The big hand dominating the upper side of the composition visualises the human factor as a symbol of the secondary sector, but also as a symbol of the creator and ultimate receiver of gastronomy products. The motion itself represents the Tertiary sector / extroversion and tourism. It can be decoded as a hand throwing seeds, planting, adding cooking ingredients etc. The fingers are the extension of the central protagonist: the farmer, the fisherman, the producer, the businessperson, the consumer, the cook. All of us.

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