Nissan Juke Diaries

Nissan invites girls to spend a whole day driving the new Juke around the city and we take over the contest's visual communication.

Client: Nissan
Advertising Agency: 4WiseMonkeys
What We Did: Campaign logo, Key Visual, Microsite, Web Banners, Skins, Social Media Visuals

Nissan Juke is a fresh and youthful city car and one of Nissan's most popular models. Apart from its excellent performance and modern design, Nissan Juke offers extensive customization options. Through an electronic platform, the potential Juke owner can personalize his/her Juke, choosing from a wide range of colour combinations.

Aiming to attract a female audience, Nissan launched the Juke Diaries campaign and contest. The winner and her friend can drive the car through the city for one day, enjoying a delightful brunch, spa treatment, a sushi dinner and a modern dance performance. We were called in to design the campaign.

Following the brief, we designed a colourful urban visual. A city, designed with clear lines, visualises the driving through the city concept and the impactful color palette emphasizes the personalization options. For the purposes of the competition we designed the microsite, animated web banners, website skins and social media visuals.

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