Form Follows Meaning

In the book Form Follows Meaning, CTRLZAK design studio presents paradigms of their work from their establishment i 2009 up until 2018.

What We Did: Book design

Founded by Thanos Zakopoulos and Katia Meneghini, CTRLZAK hybrid studio integrates diverse disciplines and cultures in the projects it undertakes. The studio’s work has been selected by museums and institutions like MOMA, the Louvre and the Venice Art Biennale, to name a few. Susami has been collaborating with CTRLZAK in the past few years for several projects, among which is JCP and iMuseum.

The book Form Follows Meaning has been designed with the purpose of becoming a vessel through which CTRLZAK’s work can be highlighted, but serves at the same time as a narrative by itself. Consisting of three main sections (Hybrid Culture, Social Irony, Nature/Cosmos), it explores the different elements from which the studio’s work essence is crafted.

Forms, images, sketches, even text and fonts complement each other, clash or merge in a multitude of ways, creating an organic narrative, imbued with large amounts of  experimentation and humor, main characteristics of the studio.

The book was published in ate 2018. You can find a digital version here.