JCP 2017

A wandering in an imaginary parallel universe of Future-Past. A universe where everything is possible and nothing is strange enough not to be real.

Continuing and evolving the visual language of JCP’s world (see also here), we created the Guide to the JCP Universe, a traveler’s log where science, art and design merge with the unexpected and the imaginary. Designed in a large format, the book’s structure resembles the structure of an encyclopedia, with the various chapters being presented in alphabetical order. The presentation of the Glass Pagoda exhibition’s artworks, for which the book was designed, is just the starting point. The aim is to capture the imaginary Traveler’s impressions in the form of images, sketches, collages, drawings, scientific analysis and observations, haiku poems, texts and scattered notes in a scrapbook form, with the works of the exhibition being presented as findings / discoveries.

Symbolism plays a predominant role in the project, as each artwork is accompanied by a series of symbols that attempt to decipher its deeper meaning. These are revealed in all their mystical majesty on the website’s homepage, where no information is given about what each of the sixteen symbols that appear there mean and where each one leads. The same philosophy is applied in all the project’s communication material, from the collectible poster / brochure that was distributed during the exhibition to the short animated videos and custom font created for it.

As part of the exhibition, Nikos Sideris, in collaboration with CTRLZAK, designed Sideroid Azimuth, one of the exhibited artworks. You can see more information about Sideroid here.

Brochure & Book photos by Yiannis Zindrilis

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