Ctrlzak Rebranding

CTRLZAK is a hybrid design studio that integrates diverse disciplines and forms of expressions. After a long period of successful and highly inspirational activity in art and design, the studio trusted Susami for a complete revamping of their visual identity and brand narrative.

What We Did: Logo & Corporate Identity Design, Key Visuals, Type Animations

The three main areas of research of CTRLZAK, founded by artists and designers Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos, are: humanity’s rich cultural history and the results of centuries of interaction (Hybrid Culture), the analysis and critique of contemporary society’s rituals and fads (Social Irony) and the natural world that we inhabit and we are part of, with all its intricate interconnections (Nature/Cosmos).

These three ‘worlds’, along with the studio’s ability to adapt, evolve and transform, formed the basis of the new visual identity. The logo is an experimentation on form and symbolism. It relies heavily on its ability to transform in a series of ways, either in static or in animated form, while maintaining the characteristics that make it unique. Expanding on the ‘transformation’ concept, the three CTRLZAK worlds are composed of a mixture of ideas, concepts and characteristic projects of the Milan-based studio, that can also rearrange themselves and create alternate universes, much like CTRLZAK do in their work.