SUSAMI Creative Agency

Susami is a tasty, flexible and independent creative agency based in Athens, Greece. It deals with the art of communication and creation of unique and authentic stories.

Engaging with boldness and flexibility in all areas of communication, the team aims to give brands the image and substance they deserve. Susami clientele includes small startups as well as multinational corporations and organizations in Greece and abroad, while its range of activities is divided between commercial, artistic and personal projects. The company was founded in 2014 by Nikos Sideris, co-founder and art director of Sereal designers. Nikos Sideris along with Haris Kotsoglou are responsible for the team's creative art direction.

We believe in designer / client interaction and we work on each project methodically and imaginatively, collaborating with professionals from a wide range of specialties depending on the project’s requirements (photographers, architects, musicians, copywriters, directors, developers, marketing experts etc). Our purpose is to create memorable stories, while we constantly search for new creative approaches.

We believe in the ethics of aesthetics, in the creative process and in human values.
And we love sesame.

What we do:

Branding & Identity
Editorial design
Poster design
Enviromental & Retail design
Art & illustration
Advertising / big ideas
Website Design
Eating sesame