Vissino Cherry Liqueur

Callicounis distillery, with a tradition that spans over 170 years, continues to dynamically envision and create modern Greek Premium spirits. The project we were called to bring to life this time was Vissino cherry liqueur.

Distinction: 1st Award / Packaging Alcoholic Drinks, EBGE 2022
Concept & Design: Susami Creative Agency
Photography Art Direction: Susami Creative Agency  & Stavros Charisopoulos
Photography: Stavros Charisopoulos

Our approach was to create a luxury product that carries all the grandeur of its charming art nouveau past and converses with today and the timeless premium level of the category.

We designed a characteristic white surface that runs through the transparent bottle with the aim of giving volume and substance to the the dark red and black color of the product’s content, turning it into an object of characteristic form.

The hybrid, custom-designed condensed typography with golden details gives even more emphasis to the conversation of retro and modern style and makes it stand out in the eyes of the initiated user.

The iconographic elements that refer to engravings, as well as gold details, complete the label and highlight the historical origin of the product and the distillery.