Urban Adventures

Cutty Sark “Urban Adventures” Campaign was released in 2014. The task was to inspire the young generation to choose Cutty Sark as their preferred drink.

Client: Cutty Sark / 3E
Advertising Agency: 4WiseMonkeys
What We Did: Campaign Logo, Key Visuals, Off-trade Illustration, Website, miscellaneous print and digital applications, Limited Edition packagings

The concept behind the campaign was to depict and embrace the four main youth cultures (Street, Dance, Retro and Indie/Rock) through a series of videos and visuals while at the same time create events, tours and parties targeted on each of the cultures on a certain period. All of the events and information for the four cultures would be gathered in a digital platform ( The campaign was an overall success and won multiple awards in many contests.

Each youth culture was presented on a different time period, followed by a series of relative events. We designed a variety of visual communication material for each culture, mainly illustrations dominated by urban elements, characteristic architectural details and key elements of each culture's world. Logos for each culture, based on Cutty Sark's iconic badge logo, limited edition bottles, as well as miscellaneous print and digital applications were also designed.  

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