The Power of a Kiss

Following 2014’s “Kiss Project Greece” campaign, Dentyne released in the winter of 2015 the “Power of a Kiss” campaign. This time, kisses have a powerful meaning.

Client: Mondelez / Dentyne
Advertising Agency: 4WiseMonkeys
What We Did: Campaign Logo, Key Visuals, Video Titles, Print Ads, Magazine Covers, Spaces Branding, Web Banners

We created three “worlds”, using collage and montage techniques: The world of violence, the world of environmental disaster and the world of inequality. Each world is represented in the background by a massive, maximalistic collage showing human beings’ darkest acts. In the foreground, a couple communicates a powerful message against inequality, violence or environmental destruction by kissing passionately.

For this project we also designed video titles, environmental graphics, print ads and the covers for two of the most popular free press magazines in Greece, Athens Voice and Lifo. Furthermore, we designed digital material such as web banners and skins.

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