Samba Wakes you Up!

If you are one of those people who desperately need coffee to start a busy day, then this is for you: Samba Café Coffeee Roasters new 250g packaging design!

Client: Samba Café Coffeee Roasters
What We Did: Packaging design
Photography: Yiannis Zindrilis

Samba’s Lovingly Roasted Coffee Beans from Around the World (Asia, Africa & America), as well as Decaf and Blends packs have received a complete redesign and a change of character. 

Much like the bugle, coffee is an instrument of awakening. It keeps you fresh and energetic all day! This is the central theme of the redesigned packages, placed in a white, fresh and elegant background. You can find the coffee you prefer by following the color coding on the info labels on each pack.

So, drink up and keep your eyes open!