Samba Rebranding

Samba Coffee Roasters has a history of over 40 years in coffee production in Greece and a series of great achievements in the field, that place the company among the finest coffee roasting enterprises in the country.

What We Did: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design, Coffee Shop Branding, Social Media, packaging
Photoshooting: Yannis Zindrilis

Susami was called in for a complete rebranding, starting from the logo and moving on to literally every visual aspect of the business. 

In addition to the new identity, Samba opened their very first coffee shop in Athens, in Kolonaki, serving ultra-high quality speciality coffees, carefully selected from farms around the world and roasted with the knowledge and expertise that Samba has gained over all these years.

The new logo, with its clean and bold visual language, focuses on the things that matter more to Samba: simplicity, passion, boldness, experience and style. The ‘S’ serves as a symbol of fluidity and motion, as well as balance, necessary ingredients for a great cup of coffee also!

The visual narrative focuses on the history and experience of the brand, as well as the evolutionary nature that characterizes it. Constant change and experimentation, paired with precision and attention to detail, and above all, passion. This is achieved by the use of transforming icons that create a sense of perpetuity, movement and liveliness.

The above ingredients were used for the coffee shop branding in close relation with natural materials (wood, marble), resulting in a clean,  calm and elegant atmosphere.