Modern Greece

The Modern Greece series aims to suggest a fresher approach to a product that is considered ‘trivial’: mass-production tourist products, aimed at a heterogeneous audience of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Client: Toumpis Editions & Graphic Arts
What We Did: Gods Illustrations, Postcards, Calendar, Fridge Magnets, Blocks

The project’s starting point is a series of postcards. Our subject was taken from the depictions of fourteen ancient gods, as they appear in classical statues. Studying the history of every mythological character, we combined their figures with the corresponding symbols that characterize them. The result is fresh, modern and pop and is addressed to the traveler-collectors, who, in addition to the traditional habit of sending postcards to loved ones from the places they visits, are also trying to find all illustrations to complete their collection. 

In addition to postcards, the illustrations were released in a range of applications: blocks, calendars, magnets etc.