Mas Marbles: Memories

“Mas Marbles: Memories” exhibiton was presented at Marmomac 2018 in Verona, Italy. We are happy to have created the concept and artworks that were presented. The exhibition was shortlisted for the Marmomac Best Communicator Award 2018 and came in second place.

Client: Mas Marbles
​What We Did: Exhibition Concept & Design, Artworks Design, Brochure, Minisite, Communicational Material
In Collaboration with TimAp

Through Memories, Mas Marbles is placing marble -in all its aspects- in the centre of the narration, creating a juxtaposition between ancient wisdom and the unknown aspects of the future. Marble, the eternal material, is the absolute protagonist.

The exhibition consisted of samples of 15 Greek marbles displayed on the central wall. On the side walls and in the center, artworks showcasing the company’s values and capabilities were presented.