Kostis Stafylakis

Kostis Stafylakis is a visual artist, art theorist and curator, whose weird, otherwordly and mysterious projects respond to social phenomena through the mimetic re-working of social reality.

Client: Kostis Stafylakis
What We Did: Visual Identity, Web Design

Whether participating as an artist in solo or group shows and exhibitions or as a curator, Stafylakis creates outstanding and extravagant material, using social commentary, playfulness and wit.

The logo and symbol were created by using complex organic forms and bright, impactful colors that communicate the ever-changing faces of the artist. By applying a similar philosophy for the website, a world of maximalism and brutalism was created. Artwork photographs in various shapes and forms meddle with symbols and transforming typographic elements creating a sense of liveliness and complexity, resembling the sentiments derived when one experiences the artist's shows.