Kiss Project Greece

In 2014, Dentyne released “The Kiss Project Greece” campaign. Starting on Valentine’s day, a series of kissing techniques videos were released in Social Media and on Youtube, calling for viewers to send their own kissing techniques to Dentyne. After receiving the viewers’ feedback, new videos were made, showing incredible, rare and often quite impressive new ways of kissing.

Client: Mondelez / Dentyne
Advertising Agency: 4WiseMonkeys
What We Did: Campaign Logo / Key Visual, Video Titles, Posters, Spaces Branding, Web Banners

We created a grungy typographic Campaign logo / key visual and a title for each kiss, using a handmade, brushy technique. Apart from that, posters, web banners, website skins and environmental graphics were designed to communicate the “World Kiss Day” event and Onirama concert, which was held in July 2014. Furthermore, we designed the title graphics for all videos and Onirama’s music video “Paraxeno Fili”, the project’s anthem, directed by White Room.

The campaign was very succesful and won three "Ermis" advertising awards and two Social Media Awards

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