JCP Visuals

JCP is an eclectic new brand which aims to 'Transform Normality' through design, creating unique objects and experiences that go way beyond the ordinary.

Client: JCP
What We Did: Stationary Material, Postcards, (Non-) Catalogue, Booklet, Posters, Banners, Digital Material, Website & more.
Photoshooting Credits: Susami (Art Direction), Yannis Zindrilis & Giorgos Vitsaropoulos (Photography)

We were called in to participate in this evolving and mysterious project by adding a touch of visual 'magic', in the form of several branding and visual art applications. Given absolute artistic freedom, we were happy to create material that at times proved to be quite unusual and experimental.

Starting off with digital and print material  for the first JCP event titled 'Secret Gates' and continuing with the website design, it became obvious that JCP was more than a quality design brand. It was a whole new world full of adventure and discovery. All visual art and designs we created follow the above principle. Flipping the pages of the 'Secret Gates' booklet, one will discover tranforming illustrations, haikus and hidden symbols that aim to rather create a story than speak about the brand itself. 

The same goes for the '10 Secret Treasures' exhibition's catalogue. The purpose here is not to speak about the design exhibits themselves, but rather to create the 'universe', the world where they came from. Using abstract landscape photographs a bizarre sensation is created, giving extra depth and substance to the objects depicted.  

The '10 Secret Gates' exhibition took place in Milan during the Milano Design Week 2016. Using collage techniques on abstract photography of rock formations and landscapes (photos by Thanos Zakopoulos), we created the main visual for the exhibition, a transforming image that can also be seen in JCP's homepage.
Stay tuned, as there is more JCP magic coming soon.

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