JCP Odeum & Sun Ra

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2018, JCP invites us to discover its characteristic art & design objects in two parallel exhibitions.

Client: JPC Universe
What We Did: Visual art, Brochure, Digital and printed invitations

In Sun Ra exhibition at Fuorisalone, the 'maestra' of light, Nanda Vigo presents new work she created specifically for JCP. An exploration of the interaction between light and space, seen through the light of the hybrid relationship between art and design. At the same time, JCP presents its renewed collection at the ODEUM exhibition at Salone del Mobile. Continuing in the footsteps of last year's Glass Pagoda, Odeum is a metaphysical theatre that transports the visitor in another dimension through an intriguing game between light and shadow, where every object transforms itself, revealing new forms and unexpected functions.

Building on the above concept and evolving Nikos Sideris' distinctive style created for JCP and recently presented at Worlds Unseen exhibition (see more here), we created the new visual language of JCP, which has a dual character to communicate both exhibitions . The interaction of light and shadow is symbolically depicted by the intense shading of objects, while the gates invite the viewer to enter and explore  the universe of JCP. The visuals as a whole provide a metaphysical sense of rituality.