Iketides by Aeschylus

We designed the visual communication for the theatrical play "Iketides" (The Suppliants) by the great ancient tragedian Aeschylus. It will be performed in various greek cities during the Summer / Fall 2016 period, directed by Lambros Giotis and translated from ancient greek by K.H. Myris. Music by Savina Giannatou.

Client: Lambros Giotis, Palmos
What We Did: Visual Design, Poster, Theatrical Program

The play recounts the fleeing of the fifty Danaids accompanied by their father to the city of Argos, where they seek asylum to avoid incestuous marriage to the fifty sons of Egypt who persecute them. It is an ode to Democracy and woman's dignity. At the same time, it deals with the eternal subject of refugees and the due respect to asylum-seekers.

The complexity of the ethical and political questions posed by Aeschylus and their connection with the present situation of war zone refuees which seek asylum in Greece and Europe call out for a symbolic approach to the subject. In the design, two women are seen lifting their hands in the air as suppliants. In a second level, the two women form the eyes of a suppliant with Egyptian / Oriental characteristics. The design is supplemented by minimal typographic elements, which provide free space for the unfolding of the visual.

Special Credit to Giorgos Liousias, who is having his interning adventure at Susami!