Green Panda

Green Panda is a brand new smatphone recycling system that makes the procedure easy and fast as a visit to your local ATM. Simply find your nearest Green Panda machine, insert your smartphone, instantly get a quote and collect your payment.

What We Did: Logo Design & Brand Identity, Industrial Design, Web Design, Advertising
Collaborator: TimAp design studio

An estimated 2 billion mobile devices worldwide  remain unused in the drawer and are rarely recycled, simply because consumers don't really know what to do with them. Green Panda aims to change the situation by eventually installing a 'recycling ATM' in every neighbourhood. By recycling their devices using a Green panda machine, smartphone owners are instatly awarded with cash or credit vouchers. Plus, it's fun to use!

Apart from the brand's visual identity, Susami also took over the industrial design of the machine. Two-meter high fluorescent green machines in the shape of giant pandas are currently being installed in super-markets and other locations around Athens, and soon all over Greece. The design approach was directed in a fresh and lively look, both for the machine and the brand identity. Bright green fluo colors, bold and powerful  typography, illustrations  and pop aesthetics  make for a dynamic result. The main idea was to make the machines look attractive, fun and original, as well as to promote curiosity and trial. All for a good cause of course!