Callicounis Amaro

The historic Callicounis distillery, based in Kalamata, is the oldest Greek beverage industry. With over 40 international quality prizes, dozens of products and dynamic export activity, it is considered one of the most important Greek companies in its field.

Client: Callicounis Craft Distillery
What We Did: Packaging design
Photography: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

Amaro is a Bitter Aperitivo drink, with intense red color, made with extracts from Greek herbs. Usually used  as a cocktail ingredient along with orange or soda, it is one of the key ingredients of Negroni.

The drink's vivid red colour was used as visual apparatus to highlight its intense and passionate character. Strong, free typography refers to the light nature of the beverage. The screen printing on the bottle's surface is accompanied by a white cap which creates a strong contrast with the content.